Our Product Names & Labels Are Evolving. Here’s What to Expect.

Our Product Names & Labels Are Evolving. Here’s What to Expect.

At Kaged, our motto is to Never Stop Evolving. We believe that in life we should always seek growth, and never settle.

However, Never Stop Evolving involves more than just the formulations of our products. We have two changes coming to our product labels, which you’ll start to see in action.

While our labels and aesthetic are evolving, our product formulas are not changing.

We’re Simplifying Our Product Names

One of the challenges as a company that we think about a lot is how we can communicate complex science and biology into exactly what you need to know.

As a minimalist brand, we don’t use all the bells and whistles, the elaborate flavor names and complicated designs. Our goal is to help you understand exactly what you’re getting and why it matters.

As such, we’re simplifying our naming conventions to better reflect what the product is and how it helps you.

This update in our naming convention upholds our mission of evolution and our minimalist brand ethos.

The new product names:

Hydra-Charge will now be called Hydration.

Outlive 100 will now be called Organic Greens.

Pre-Kaged will now be called Pre-Workout. This applies to our other pre-workouts, as well.

Pre-Kaged Elite —> Pre-Workout Elite

Pre-Kaged Sport —> Pre-Workout Sport

Pre-Kaged Stim-Free —> Pre-Workout Stimulant-Free

Label Colors Will Match The Flavor

Moving forward, the color of the label will reflect the flavor for many products. For example, the label of fruit punch Pre-Workout Sport will now be red, while blue raspberry will be blue.

Why The Color Change? Here’s The Inside Scoop

As Kaged has evolved, our color system has become less clear. When we started, colors were simple because we only had a few products. But over time, as we developed new products, we added more and more colors.

This resulted in a rainbow of colors we didn’t anticipate, and they didn’t work together cohesively.

With the rebrand, we only created more confusion by keeping our labels simple and minimal. While we loved the aesthetic, they missed the boat on communicating the flavors.

Our products tastes great, but you wouldn’t know that from our label!

Plus the flavors are hard to read, and we’ve heard feedback from customers that the flavors are hard to see on shelf.

So here’s how we’re solving this…

The color of the product will now reflect the flavor. This solves our color system and flavor differentiation in a way that still stays true to Kaged. Plus in our opinion, these new label colors look even better.

Plus, now your pantry will clearly reflect not only your favorite products, but your favorite flavors.

This has been a specific piece of feedback we’ve received from customers over the last few years about having our flavors be unclear on the bottles, unless you look close.

We hope that it will now be clear, both when shopping online, at our retailers, and once you have the product in your hands. 

The one other color change is that Kaged Hydration will also be moving over to a white bottle, instead of the current black.

New Labels, Same Formulas

While we’re making these changes to the labels, the formulas are staying exactly the same. Each of these products are remaining exactly the same, just as they have for years.

The Formulas Are Not Changing, But The Packaging May Vary.

With that said, the process will not a be a perfect transition. As we restock products and get the new labels, you may still receive the old labels. We’re working as hard as we can to get our products restocked as soon as possible, whether they have the new labels or the old ones.

If you’re stoked to see the new labels, you may start to get them this month. (If you do, and you dig them, show them off on social media and tag us on Instagram @Kaged and @Team.Kaged.)

On our website, it will also take time to transition everything over.

Which Products Will Have the New Labels First?

The first three you’ll see with the new labels will be Pre-Workout (Pre-Kaged), Pre-Workout Sport (Pre-Kaged Sport), and Organic Greens (Outlive 100.)

In fact, some of these new labels will ship out with the latest orders.

More Restocks Are Coming

To stay up to date as products come back in stock, be sure to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter.

From the entire Kaged team, thank you for choosing our premium supplements as your training partner. Our mission to help you become the strongest version of yourself wouldn’t be possible without the commitment you make every single day.

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