5 Benefits Of Kaged Pro-Biotic™

5 Benefits Of Kaged Pro-Biotic™

Your body is home to trillions and trillions of tiny bacteria. Many of these live in your digestive tract and play a critical role in your digestion.

These “good bacteria” are also called probiotics.

You can find them in fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, and kombucha, as well as other foods like many yogurts.

Because of their numerous benefits, supplementing with probiotics has skyrocketed in popularity.

Why Are These Bacteria So Beneficial?

The science behind probiotics has emerged in recent decades. For healthy digestion, it’s clear we need good bacteria in our gut.

Taking this a step further, there seems to be a link between a healthy gut and optimal cognition. A 2020 review published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients compiled the research from 17 human research studies and examined this link. The authors concluded…

“Available evidence suggests that gut microbiota is linked to cognitive performance and that manipulation of gut microbiota could be a promising avenue for enhancing cognition which warrants further research.”

To draw this broad link to cognition and brain function, we still need more research. However, when we look specifically at some strains, there are more concrete, well-studied benefits.

For example, the specific strain in Kaged Pro-Biotic™ is a patented strain of bacteria called TWK10®, which comes from fermented Taiwanese Kimchi. This strain has unique benefits related to performance and endurance as well as gut health.

Here are five benefits of Kaged Pro-Biotic™.

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1) Promotes Gut Health

As mentioned, Kaged Pro-Biotic™ contains a patented strain called TWK10®. This strain comes from fermented kimchi, which is one of nature’s best sources of probiotics.

Every capsule contains 10 billion CFUs, or “colony forming units.” For optimal results, take three Pro-Biotic™ capsules per day, spaced out with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2) Enhances Muscle Endurance

Beyond gut health, what makes Kaged Pro-Biotic™ stand out is its links to support performance. These benefits are why it’s a great probiotic specifically for athletes and high-performers, and why we call it the performance probiotic.

For example, this strain has been shown to enhance muscle endurance. In a 2019 randomized controlled trial, the researchers gave groups of healthy adults different doses of the TWK10® strain.

Those who took more had better muscular endurance and aerobic performance.

If probiotics work on the gut, how is this possible?

Kaged Pro-Biotic targets the “gut-muscle axis.” Through this mechanism, it influences the body’s ATP concentration.

ATP is the body’s form of usable energy. More available ATP means more usable energy.

By influencing ATP concentration, it increases endurance.

Yes, by adding a few billion helpers to your gut, you can improve your exercise performance.

3) Reduces Fatigue

In another controlled trial, they had groups before a treadmill training program. Those who took TWK10® showed better aerobic performance and reduced fatigue.

Again, this is thanks to its ability to influence the gut-muscle axis.

4) High-Absorption

As with any supplement, it’s not what you take, it’s what you absorb.

Your stomach is a harsh, acidic place. Many probiotic supplements get destroyed by this harsh environment before they make it to the gut.

To protect our strain, we use protective, target-release capsules that actually make it into the gut.

These capsules help protect the live bacteria until they can get released in the intestines and go to work in the gut.

5) Informed-Sport Certified and Third-Party Tested

Finally, as with all of our products, we uphold Pro-Bioticto the Kaged standard. This means it’s third-party tested, banned substance-free, and Informed Sport-Certified, so it’s safer for athletes. With Kaged

In fact, we designed this probiotic specifically with high performers and athletes in mind.

It’s also suitable for vegans and non-GMO.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kaged Pro-Biotic™

Who is Pro-Biotic™ For?

Pro-Biotic™ is for anybody who wants to support their athletic performance and gut health. It’s designed with athletes and high-performers in mind. We use a unique, patented probiotic strain that targets the gut-muscle axis and helps improve performance.*

How Often Should I Take Pro-Biotic™?

Because Pro-Biotic™ supports gut health, take it with meals. You should take three Pro-Biotic™ capsules per day, spaced out with one capsule with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Is Pro-Biotic™ safe for athletes?

Yes. Pro-Biotic™ is third-party banned substance tested, and certified safer for athletes by Informed Sport. It’s not only safe for athletes, it’s designed for athletes.

How Does Pro-Biotic™ support performance?

Pro-Biotic™ is the performance probiotic because it targets the “gut-muscle axis.” Via this pathway, Pro-Biotic™™ influences ATP production, which is the body’s main usable form of energy. Researchers believe great ATP concentration means improved endurance and reduced fatigue. This means you can get more from every training session.

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