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Shattered Plateau Buster: Program Overview

Follow my new 12-week program to break through plateaus and improve your weakest muscle group

By Kris Gethin

Shattered! is a unique program that I developed to help you improve your weakest body part for a more complete physique. Often bodybuilders think about plateaus in terms of their overall development—for instance, one of your goals may be to add 10 pounds of muscle by focusing on compound moves such as squats, deadlifts, and heavy bench presses.

But perhaps the best way to improve your physique is to spend 12-weeks focusing on your weakest body part. That was my purpose in putting together Shattered! — a full training, nutrition and supplement regimen that will help you overcome your physique’s greatest weakness while you still emphasize overall growth.

Shattered! provides eight distinct programs for the following body parts: back, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, quads, hamstrings and calves. Each program lasts 12 weeks. To be clear, you’ll emphasize one body part for 12 weeks. But that doesn’t mean you’ll train it every day.

What it does mean is that you’ll prioritize it overtraining all of your other body parts. You’ll place training for this body part after rest days when you’re most recovered. You’ll also organize your higher-carb days around these training days to help you train this body part most efficiently. And you’ll take Kaged MuscleÒ supplements that help support all this growth.

This program will toss many of the bodybuilding rules you know on their heads. For instance, if biceps are your weakness, you’ll train them before back. And, in fact, you’ll reduce volume for this larger complementary body part because it may be why your biceps are lagging. That’s just one example of the strategies you’ll encounter while you’re following Shattered!

Over the next 12 weeks, I will guide you through a series of workouts, nutrition and supplementation tips to help you achieve dramatic muscle-building results that will surpass your expectations for your weakest body part. I’ve taken everything I have learned over the years from experts in their fields, my clients and my own experience, and I’ve applied it to this program. Absolutely nothing has been left to chance.

All you have to do is watch my intro videos, choose the body part you want to emphasize and follow my training split and all of the exercises and tips I recommend for this body part. And don’t forget the importance of following your nutrition and supplement regimens. If you’re ready to commit, then let’s get started!

I’m Kris Gethin, CEO of Kaged Muscle supplements, and I created SHATTERED! — a 12-week, plateau-busting Trainer series for anyone seeking to push past weaknesses they have in specific body parts. The good news is that all of these programs are absolutely FREE! For more information about me, check out my profile.


You’re honest enough with yourself to know what your weakest body part is, aren’t you? If so, then the next question is: Do you give it the attention it deserves? Do you emphasize it over your stronger body parts? Many of the bodybuilders I know emphasize their strengths over their weaknesses, training their best body parts, hoping to impress their friends, fellow bodybuilders, judges or even themselves with how great they can make their best attributes look.

I hate to shatter your illusions (see how I did that?), but that’s not the way you create an impressive physique. Shattered! is going to require your commitment and focused attention not only to your weakest body part but to every aspect of your bodybuilding regimen. That’s how you bring up a weakness.

Some details on this:

* You’ll emphasize your weakest body part, training it after at least one day of rest.

* You’ll hit this body part with a variety of training principles that change from week to week.

* You’ll include Shattered! with another Kaged Muscle Trainer or muscle-building program that you like. The key is to train your weakest muscle when you’re at your best. That doesn’t mean you allow the rest of your physique to lag behind.

I know you may have more than one weak body part, but it’s important that you only emphasize one of the eight muscle groups during Shattered! The good news is that you can go directly into training another weak body part immediately after you finish up 12 weeks of Shattered! for your first body part.

I highly recommend rotating how you emphasize body parts in general, from one cycle to another, but that’s particularly true as it applies to Shattered! Your results will impress your friends, other bodybuilders, judges and even yourself. And that’s what you’re really trying to achieve with your physique, isn’t it?

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