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Shattered Plateau Buster: Training Overview

This program provides you with unique tools to help you break through plateaus with weaker body parts. The workouts on this program are extremely intense, but that’s what you need in order to make significant gains with the weak body part you’ve chosen to emphasize on Shattered!

Training strategies:

The program relies on many techniques that you may not be incorporating in your training — or at least are not applying to your weakest body parts. These include:

* Dramatic Transformation Principle (DTP): This principle is a pyramiding scheme where you perform at least 5 sets, going up in weight as you decrease reps. At other times you’ll start with heavy weights and lower reps, dropping weight as you increase reps. And sometimes you’ll do both in one monster DTP series of 10 sets. I’ll provide specific guidance on when to include DTP in each of the Shattered! body parts descriptions.

* Rest-pause: This is a classic bodybuilding principle where you reach failure in the middle of a set, but you still need to perform a few more reps. You merely rest in place for several seconds to allow your target muscle to recover, and then you complete the last couple reps for the set.

* Supersets This principle relies on performing two exercises back-to-back for the same body part. Complete all reps for one exercise and then, without resting, perform all reps for the second exercise. Then take a fairly long rest (2-3 minutes) before performing your next superset.

* DTP supersets: As the name suggests, this is a combination of DTP and supersets. That means you’ll perform two moves without rest, pyramiding in DTP fashion (high weight and low reps or vice versa), and then you’ll rest before performing your next DTP superset.

* Circuits With this principle, you’ll perform multiple moves for the same or differing body parts, and you’ll do so without resting between exercises. I’ll explain more about circuits as they come up in the various body part videos.

Remember that Shattered! is not designed as an all-encompassing program. You’ll incorporate it into your regular training, re-arranging your training split to emphasize the body part you’re targeting on Shattered! For instance, you can follow my 8-Week Muscle-building Trainer, but rearrange the days so you’re targeting your weakest body part on Monday, and then you can fill in the work out for that body part with the one from Shattered! for each of the 12 weeks. Each day of the first week for every body part provides a training split that emphasizes that split, so I’ve done that work for you.

As I mentioned before, I don’t recommend that you emphasize more than one body part on Shattered! during any 12-week phase. Once you finish one 12-week Shattered! cycle, though, you can go immediately to another where you emphasize another body part. An additional option is to take a recovery phase between Shattered! body-part programs. This can be as short as a one-week recovery to a four-week phase (or longer) where you emphasize some other aspect of your physique or athletic performance.

Don’t forget to check out my nutrition and supplement overview videos before you launch into the body-part program you’re going to follow on Shattered!

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