Triceps Week 9

This week you’ll repeat your Week 1 workout. But, guess what, if you do the same thing all the time, then you’ll never make any progress. At this point, you should be using considerably more weight. In addition, you’ve changed your exercises and incorporated many different training strategies throughout the weeks since the first. Essentially, this is a brand new workout because you haven’t performed it for almost two months. 


* You can lock out your triceps on bench dips because that forces a deep contraction into all three heads of the triceps—with most moves you want to avoid lockout because it allows the muscles to rest, but with bench dips, you’ll still be using them to stabilize yourself.

* Keep including variety in all of your training, whether that’s your target muscle for a particular cycle or even complementary muscles or those unrelated to your target muscle (such as legs) during this triceps program.

* Study the anatomy chart at the beginning of this program to fully understand how your triceps work. Can you see where you’re making progress and where you’re still lagging? You can make adjustments to my program to get the most from Shattered! for triceps.



Triceps cable extensions

5 Sets / 12 Reps
60 seconds of rest between sets

Overhead dumbbell triceps extensions

5 Sets / 12 Reps

90 seconds of rest between sets

Bench dips

5 Sets / 12 Reps

90 seconds of rest between sets


TIP: The biggest progress with your weakest muscle group comes from the neck up. You have to engage your brain and truly focus on the weakness to make progress. I mean that not only in terms of the determination and discipline you bring to the program, but also to evaluating your progress.

Check out my video for detailed tips on how to perform each exercise, and also review my Week 1 video for additional tips for today’s workout.


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