Why October Is The Best Month To Focus On Fitness

Why October Is The Best Month To Focus On Fitness

January may be the traditional time of the year to implement New Year’s Resolutions, but there is no reason to delay your fitness goals until then. For many reasons, the best month to focus on your fitness is actually October. Here are the top five reasons why the best time to focus on your fitness is in October: 

1. Less Work to Make Up

The holidays are just around the corner. From work lunches to family gatherings, you’ll be getting invites to holiday events all through the season. Holiday weight gain is not inevitable. Having a fitness plan will help prevent unwanted weight gain and keep you in check when you attend events with lots of temptations. If you start now, there will be less work to make up for compared to waiting until after the holidays to start your New Year's Resolution. 


2. Good Habits Pay Off 

Habits can make it or break it when it comes to accomplishing your health and fitness goals. The power of good habits grow stronger over time. Instilling good habits and consistency now will allow you to lay the groundwork for success down the road. It can also give you an added confidence booster to end the year strong! 


3. Progress Takes Time

Serious progress requires consistency and discipline over a long period of time. If you want to attain big fitness goals as we head into next year, you need to start making this progress now. Having more time will allow your dream fitness goals to be more realistic and achievable.


4. The Weather is Nice

The weather is nice - take advantage of it! Summer has ended and you can finally beat the heat. It's the perfect temperature to get outside for some fresh air. The changing season also makes for enjoyable scenery to get your exercise in. It’s easier to start your fitness goals with October weather. The weather is more appealing compared to the cold, miserable weather in January as most people begin their traditional New Year’s Resolutions. 

5. The Best Time to Start is Now

The best time to work on your fitness goals is always now. Focusing on your goals now will help build a solid foundation for success. Don't worry, we're here to help you stay on track with your goals. Check out our Kaged Training Programs to find the perfect program for your fitness journey. 

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