Boulder Shoulder Workout

UZOMA OBILOR I Boulder Shoulder Workout

If you’re interested in building an impressive physique and herculean strength, developing shoulders is a must.  But shoulders can typically be a weak point for many lifters despite hammering away at them every week.  

Oftentimes lifters might not be doing the right exercises or rep ranges to unlock real shoulder growth.  By not attacking your shoulder workouts with the right strategy, you could be leaving muscle and strength gains on the table.

Fortunately, Kaged athlete and IFBB Classic Physique Pro, Uzoma Obilor, has a workout for you to build boulder shoulders. 

A. DB Shoulder Press:

6 Sets / Reps : 6-12

B. DB Side Lateral Raise:

5 Sets / Reps : 5-15

C. Smith Machine Military Press:

5 Sets / Reps : 4-12

D. DB Shrugs:

4 Sets / Reps : 10-20

E. Rear Delt DB Fly:

4 Sets / Reps : 8-12

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