How L-Citrulline May Help You In More Than Just The Gym

How L-Citrulline May Help You In More Than Just The Gym


Okay let’s be real, most people who train hard in the gym do so because they want to look better naked.

At least, that’s one of the reasons. Adjacent to that, it’s because we want to either have more sex or better sex.

Whether you’re swiping on the apps, in a relationship, or anything else, proper blood flow may be one of the keys to your bedroom performance.

As it turns out, there’s a simple, effective, and popular amino acid that can help you with exactly this:  L-Citrulline.

How L-Citrulline Works

You may already know about the performance benefits of citrulline. L-citrulline, when ingested, gets converted into another amino acid called arginine, which activates nitric oxide synthesis. More nitric oxide synthesis means effective blood flow.

By supporting blood flow during your workouts, it can improve your muscle pumps, which may help you improve your mind-muscle connection.*

It can also help improve your endurance and reduce muscular fatigue.* Simply, it’s a quality ingredient that improves your gym performance. That’s why we include it in all of our Pre-Kaged  pre-workout workouts.

There’s no doubt it has value for your gym workouts, but can it support your bedroom performance too?

Citrulline and Sex?

In the bedroom however, Citrulline may even be able to give you a boost for other reasons. First, let’s point out the obvious. If you have pre-workout before sex, or even just l-citrulline, you’re going to have better muscular endurance which can physically support you in having more adventurous bedroom sessions. Look, we’d never recommend someone use Pre-Kaged before sex, as it’s made for training, but if you do, then you’ll get the same energy boost you would from Pre-Kaged.

L-Citrulline Supports Blood Flow, Which Includes Blood Flow to All Areas

When it comes to l-citrulline for sex, it may increase blood flow to a specific region that we don’t have to call out by name.

Can L-Citrulline Help Me Last Longer?

While the blood flow link is clear, the theory that l-citrulline can help you last longer hasn’t been shown.

Ejaculation time is a complicated process that involves a host of factors, from the physical (just slow down, gentlemen), to the emotional and psychological, to the physiological.

The reality is if you want to last longer in bed, a simple supplement won’t give you a simple answer.

Is All L-Citrulline Created Equal?

Many companies opt to use “citrulline malate” instead of pure l-citrulline. As we discussed in this article on  l-citrulline vs citrulline malate, there aren’t any extra benefits to malate, and it means that by volume you get much less citrulline. For this simple reason, we choose l-citrulline.

This doesn’t mean every l-citrulline product is created equal. Here are a few factors to look for when choosing an l-citrulline product.

Third-Party Tested

The supplement industry is notoriously filled with crap, despite the FDA’s best efforts to regulate it. This means companies can (and do) put ingredients in their supplements that aren’t on the label, even though that’s illegal.

Athletes: Choose an LGC Certified Informed Sport Product

Even with cGMP requirements, there are tons of stories of NCAA, professional, and Olympic athletes who bought supplements with ingredients that got them banned from sports.

So if you’re an athlete, make sure you take this a step further and look for the LGC Informed Sport marker.


Vegan and From Quality Sources

Most supplement companies try to cut corners for profit. For example, if they can get amino acids from cheap, low quality sources, they often will.

They hide where it comes from by using the term “animal by-product,” which doesn’t sound so bad. But this means that they source it from the absolute scraps of slaughtered animals. Their aminos can come from carcasses, bird feathers, and other sketchy sources.

Obviously, this is not what you should be putting in your body. Instead, look for l-citrulline that comes from plant sources. 

Kaged Pure L-Citrulline

At Kaged, we ourselves only want to put the purest and highest quality ingredients in our body.

That’s why we create our products. We seek out the best ingredients and supplement formulations, with full-disclosure labeling, no proprietary blends, strict third-parting testing, and science-backed key ingredients.

We created our l-citrulline product to address these problems. It’s Informed Sport certified, vegan, fermented, 100% pure l-citrulline. Backed by hundreds of 5-star reviews, it will help you increase your pumps and recovery in the gym, and may even support your bedroom performance too.*


Why Not Just Take Arginine?

If l-citrulline boosts arginine which then increases nitric oxide synthase, why not skip a step and take arginine?

The problem with taking arginine on its own is the fact that this amino acid tends to be hampered by presystemic metabolism, whereas L-Citrulline
escapes this and produces a much stronger overall response. That is, we don’t absorb arginine as well as a supplement.

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