5 Muscle Building Foods You Should Be Eating

5 Muscle Building Foods You Should Be Eating

Lifters everywhere have heard the saying “you’ve got to eat to grow”. Hard training paired with the right nutrition plan is the tried and true combo for adding mountains of muscle mass. Where lifters, especially lifelong hard gainers, run into problems is finding the right nutrition plan. No two athletes are the same. And, with so many strategies out there for packing on muscle mass, it’s easy to see why confusion reigns supreme. 

The problem with taking the wrong approach is that it can be very easy to add unwanted fat during your bulking phase. Worse still are the more reckless methods, like the “dirty bulk”, that may actually hinder your performance, and could even cause inflammation.  Through years of experience, and countless successful transformations, we’ve narrowed down a list of foods that are muscle-building staples so you can clean mass without the flab. 

Muscle Building Foods

Micropure Whey Isolate + Oats

Micropure Whey Isolate is a fast-digesting and fast-absorbing protein making it ideal for anyone looking to build muscle. The other major benefit of Micropure Whey Protein is that it contains ProHydrolase® digestive enzymes that have been shown to support enhanced digestion and absorption of protein. Oats round out this combination as they’re complex carbohydrates with high fibre content to support sustained energy.

Best Time to Eat:  First thing in the morning


Wild-Caught Fish & Rice

Fish is an excellent staple food in a muscle building diet not only as  a rich source of protein, but for its omega 3 fatty acids as well. The amino acids in protein provide excellent building blocks for new muscles, and omega 3 fatty acids help fight inflammation to support an optimal recovery environment. Wild-caught fish is typically recommended over farm-raised fish because it has a more favourable profile of omega 3 fatty acids. [1]

Best Time to Eat: Before and After workouts


Grass-Fed Steak & Veggies

Grass-fed beef is another go-to food in any well thought out muscle building diet plan because of the anabolic nutrients it contains like essential amino acids, healthy fats, and naturally occurring creatine. If you can, opt for grass-fed beef over conventionally raised cattle is to avoid any unwanted intake of antibiotics. [2] 

Best Time to Eat:  Before bed


Whole Eggs + Seaweed Wraps

The simplest (and most economical) protein source for lifters, eggs provide a highly bioavailable protein source, they deliver cholesterol that helps with the formation of anabolic hormones like testosterone, and they’re an excellent source of choline. [3] Choline plays an important role in the body ranging from lipid transport to cell signalling. Seaweed wraps are an excellent complement to eggs because seaweed is rich in iodine, an important nutrient that supports a healthy metabolism.

Best Time to Eat:  Any time of the day 


Poultry Quinoa Avocado

Poultry is the final component of this muscle-building nutrition overview.  Poultry, whether it be chicken or turkey, provides a versatile protein source as the breast meat is very lean, and the thigh meat is rich in micronutrients.  When combining poultry with carbohydrates, opt for the leaner breast meat. Pair your poultry with avocado for the healthy fats it provides, and quinoa as a source of high-protein complex carbohydrates.

Best Time to Eat:  Any time of the day


Bonus: Fermented Foods

Fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir all make excellent additions to a muscle-building plan. While these foods on their own may not be the highest sources of protein, their beneficial effects on the gut microbiome. 

Best Time to Eat:  Pair it with your meals



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