3 Of The Most Effective Fat-Burning Ingredients

3 Of The Most Effective Fat-Burning Ingredients

Structured meal plan? Check.

Solid training plan? Check.

Cardio plans to help burn fat and improve cardiovascular health? Check.

The willpower and motivation to be consistent? You bet.

With these components in place, your fat burning arsenal seems to be complete. But, there’s one more aspect which could accelerate your progress or push you through a plateau: supplementation.

What Are Fat Burners?

“Fat burner” supplements are a category of product designed to, obviously, help you burn fat. There are countless fat burners available on the market containing various ingredients which all seem to promise outstanding fat-burning results.

Among these products, you’ll find a HUGE array of ingredients. Some products are glorified, overpriced caffeine pills, others contain ingredients that can be the last step to help you burn fat. 

To help you decipher what to look for, here are a few ingredients which have been demonstrated to support either fat loss, weight loss, or thermogenesis.*

1) L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

You may remember from high school biology that the mitochondria is ‘the powerhouse of the cell.’ It’s where macronutrients like fatty acids and glucose get broken down into ATP, the body’s usable form of energy.

In order for fatty acids to get used as energy and made into ATP, they need to make it to the mitochondria.

On their own, fatty acids can’t do this. They need support. That’s where l-carnitine comes in.

Think of fatty acids like a pile of freshly cut wood, ready to get burned to keep the fire going, and l-carnitine like the workers who drop the logs on the fire.

In simple terms l-carnitine helps us burn fat as fuel.*

In addition to helping us burn our fatty acids, this process also provides us with a fuel source to help us power through our workouts.

L-Carnitine you can also think of as a valuable tool to help us during intense training. This is especially useful when trying to burn fat. To lose fat, you’ll likely train at a higher intensity and with longer or more frequent sessions. Helping shuttle fat to get burned as fuel, partly thanks to l-carnitine, can support this intense period of training.

Can I Get It From Food?

Red meats contain l-carnitine, around 80mg per 3oz. However, this is not anywhere near the levels you can get from simple supplementation. (1)

When supplementing, we recommend staying consistent with your supplementation. If you’re trying to burn fat, aim for about 1000 – 3000mg a day.  Kaged L-Carnitine used Carnipure®, a pure, patented form. It comes in an unflavored powder that’s easy to add to any stack or drink, whether it’s a pre-workout like Pre-Kaged or a hydration drink like Hydra-Charge.

2) Green Tea

Green tea comes from
Camellia sinensis leaves. This is the same species that black tea comes from, but green tea hasn’t been exposed to the same oxidation process.

Because of this, green tea tends to be richer in polyphenols. These are antioxidants, which are abundant in many “superfood” fruits and vegetables.

Two of the main polyphenols found in green tea are catechins and flavonoids. Catechins are believed to boost energy metabolism and fat burning capabilities of the body.

Of the catechins present in green tea, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) accounts for approximately 40% of the total content.

EGCG is the ingredient in green tea that gives it the majority of its potential to support fat loss. 

It supports fat loss because it’s an effective stimulator of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the biochemical process by which fat in the body is “burned” to provide energy.

We believe EGCG is so effective for fat loss, that we include green tea extract, with standardized doses of EGCG in Clean Burn, our non-stimulant fat burner.


Of course, you can just drink green tea. You can also supplement with green tea extract, or look for supplements that have it as an ingredient.

When looking at supplements, ensure it contains close to 50% EGCG.

A daily dose of about 1000mg of green tea, with 500mg of EGCG can support your metabolism-boosting goals.*

That’s why we include it in  Clean Burn.

3) Capsicum Fruit Extract

Capsicum is a family of approximately 200 plants. The most popular is chili peppers, which is where the lore that chili peppers can help burn fat comes from.

Within these plants, a polyphenol known as capsaicinoid is responsible for the heat and spicy flavor of the peppers.

Researchers have found various outcomes of ingesting these spicy elements, ranging from  increased thermogenesis, greater energy expenditure, and increased fatty acid oxidation. Capsaicinoids act on the body in a few ways.


The Problem With Just Eating Peppers

First,  they’re super spicy. From a practical standpoint, this makes it a challenge to eat enough to get a dose of capsicums that will help actually bring these benefits. Even if you can deal with the spiciness, you may not be a fan of the resulting gastrointestinal disturbances

It’s much easier to go with a supplement option. In Clean Burn, we include 33mg per serving of CapsiMax®, a pure patented form of capsicum fruit extract. 

A daily dose of around 100 mg of capsaicinoids can help support your fat loss efforts (as found in 3 servings of Clean Burn per day.) Since it can irritate your stomach, it’s best to take your doses with food. 

A Complete Fat-Burning Product

We formulated  Clean Burn to include many of the most effective, non-stimulant ingredients to support weight loss.* 

Clean Burn blends these four key ingredients together in carefully calibrated doses while keeping your health in mind.

Using pure forms and often patented ingredients, we wanted to create a fat burner that simply works, without the excessive stimulants.

Learn More About Clean Burn Here.

If you prefer a powdered version with a unique formula including a nice dose of caffeine that’s perfect for cardio sessions, you can also check out  Clean Burn Powder.


(1) https://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/dietary-factors/L-carnitine

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