Purcaf Organic Caffeine Versus Synthetic Caffeine

Purcaf Organic Caffeine Versus Synthetic Caffeine

Oh, caffeine, where would you be without it? For that matter, where would civilization itself be without it?

Fortunately, we do have some insight into the latter from Michael Pollan’s book Caffeine: How Caffeine Created the Modern World. In it, Pollan discusses how caffeine may have played a role in  winning and losing wars, shaping politics, and completely restructuring economies.

For example, he argues that the industrial revolution itself wouldn’t have played out as drastically as it did without caffeine. Given that this era is considered a turning point in modern civilization, we can only speculate just how much caffeine has changed human history.

Today we know it as the ubiquitous “coffee break,” that time employees get off in the middle of the day to fuel up on caffeine. However, a century ago, this was a novel idea, and a brilliant one. Caffeine is so powerful, employers started to give workers time off to consume it because it boosted their  attention and productivity.

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Since then, research has only confirmed the power of caffeine. In the context of training, caffeine can help improve muscular endurance, boost strength, and increase power output. On the mental side, it can increase mental focus, drive, and determination.

It may even help speed up your metabolism, which may support fat loss.*

For these reasons, we include caffeine in everything from our award-winning pre-workout, Pre-Kaged to our health-first fat loss drink, Clean Burn Powder.


Today we’re not putting caffeine on trial, rather, we’re discussing the oft-overlooked point that  
not all caffeine is created equally.

Specifically  most caffeine supplements are made with synthetic caffeine, caffeine anhydrous. This form is lab-made.

This is in contrast to natural caffeine, which you’ll find in coffee, tea, and other plants. With Kaged products, we take this a step further and use a natural, organic form of caffeine. 

All caffeinated Kaged products use PurCaf® caffeine. PurCaf® comes from 100% organic green coffee beans.

Here are a few reasons to choose PurCaf® organic caffeine over synthetic alternatives.

1) PurCaf® Caffeine Is Chemical Free

You train hard in the gym, do your cardio, and carefully watch our food intake. You probably put a focus on fruits and vegetables because you know how important they are.

After doing all of this, the last thing you want to do is put toxins and chemicals into your system. If this sounds like you, the obvious choice is organic caffeine because you know it will be chemical-free.

2) PurCaf® Is Organic

Do you pay extra at the supermarket to put organic fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet? 

If you do, you know it’s because non-organic produce may contain pesticides that can impact your health and well-being.

Why not take the same degree of care with your supplements?

With PurCaf® you’re sourcing your caffeine from organic green coffee beans.

3) PurCaf® Is Highly Soluble in Water

PurCaf® Organic Caffeine is highly water-soluble.

This means it will rapidly break down into your system, giving you the effects of caffeine fast. With a supplement like Pre-Kaged®, which has PurCaf® caffeine, we recommend you start sipping it just 20-30 minutes before your workout.

With PurCaf®, clean sources give you clean energy. In fact, all PurCaf® is made from a clean-water extraction process.

4) A Consistent Rush of Energy

One of the benefits of PurCaf® is that it’s a patented form. Patented ingredients means that it’s made by the same company using the same processes. This means you get a consistent product. With PurCaf®, this means you know what you’re getting every time.

Tap Into One of Nature’s Incredible Substances

You probably know somebody who can’t start their day without caffeine (if it’s not you). It’s a powerful substance with a host of benefits.

Because of this, it’s a no-brainer to put it into many effectively-dosed high-performance products. That’s why we use different doses of PurCaf® caffeine into all of our pre-workouts, except for Pre-Kaged Non-Stim.


Can Organic Caffeine Still Give Me Jitters?

Yes. One of the side effects of too much caffeine, regardless of the source, is that it can make you jittery and increase your heart rate.

If you’re caffeine sensitive, or not used to taking caffeine, start with a smaller dose.

Similarly, you can still crash with organic caffeine if you take too much. Again, it’s about the dose.

What is An Effective Starting Dose for Caffeine?

Our Organic Caffeine Capsules contain 200mg of caffeine per capsule. Pre-Kaged is a bit higher, with 274mg per scoop.

For context, a cup of coffee contains around 100-125mg of caffeine. To start with a moderate dose, Pre-Kaged Sport has 188mg of caffeine. The ideal starting dose depends on your sensitivity to caffeine.

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