Chest:Week 5

We’re already past the one-third point in the Shattered! chest program. You should be noticing more size and detail in your chest. Make sure you’re paying full attention to your nutrition and supplementation — in addition to your workouts. Never forget that muscles don’t increase in mass only because you trained them with intensity: You have to provide the nutrients that spur growth, and those come from quality supplements such as those from Kaged Muscle® as well as from a nutrition program that provides plenty of protein, slow-digesting carbs and healthy dietary fats.


* Today’s workout relies on circuits or giant sets, where you perform multiple exercises one after the other without rest for one set of each. After you complete one set of each of the 5 exercises in this workout, you’ll rest for 3 minutes before performing your next round.

* Note that you’ll choose weights that allow you to fail at 15 reps for some exercises. Then for bodyweight moves you’ll simply perform reps until natural failure.

* For incline push-ups and decline push-ups you’ll keep your form strict, using your chest rather than cheating by bringing in other muscle groups.

* Organize this workout so that you can perform all moves without losing your equipment. This may be a bit challenging in a busy gym, but consider that before you begin the workout. You need a bench, dumbbells and access to a bench for these moves. Check out my video for more details on how to perform each of these moves. 



Dumbbell flyes

5 SETS / 15 REPS

GIANT SET: You’ll perform 1 set of each of these 5 exercises without rest. And then you’ll rest for 3 minutes between each of your 5 giant sets.

Incline push-ups



Decline dumbbell flyes

5 SETS / 15 REPS 

Decline push-ups


Bent-over cable flyes

5 SETS / 15 REPS


TIP: Prepare all of your supplements ahead of time. You should have RE-KAGED® in your shaker so you can just add water and drink it at the end of your workout.

The window for helping your muscles start to blunt catabolism and support recovery doesn’t last long. Don’t miss this vital opportunity.


Check out my video for detailed tips on how to perform this circuit or giant set.

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