Introducing the Kaged Naturals Multivitamin

Introducing the Kaged Naturals Multivitamin


With the increased availability of high-calorie, low-nutrient density foods, it’s become difficult for many people to consume adequate amounts of the micronutrients they need to fuel their health, wellness and performance. Nutrition scientists use the term “hidden hunger” to describe this form of undernutrition. While many people’s macronutrient requirements are being met, their micronutrient intake is often lacking. Population studies have shown that many adults consume below the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for key micronutrients, including the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as well as key minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium.[1]

Even in physically active populations like lifters and athletes, it’s common for many to be deficient in some vitamins and minerals.[2,3] Naturally,  many rely on  a multivitamin to fill up any nutritional gaps in their diet. At Kaged, we believe in a food-first approach, and we extended that philosophy to our multivitamin. We sourced the most nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and marine flora on the planet to support your training, performance, and overall well being. 

Whole Food Multivitamin

A major difference between Kaged Multivitamin and the leading competitors is that our formula contains no synthetic vitamins or minerals.We source our micronutrients from whole foods for a synergistic effect with their native plant phytochemicals. Some vitamins like Vitamin E are twice as bioavailable in their natural form compared to their synthetic form. [4] Research has shown that phytochemicals in whole food sources have a synergistic effect with micronutrients, compared to consuming vitamins alone.[5] 

Another reason we opt for whole food based sources for our multivitamin is that many synthetic vitamins rely on harsh chemicals and waste products as starting materials for their production. [6] Worse, some companies pair synthetic vitamins with fruit and vegetable “blends”  to appear more natural than they truly are. Why? because it’s expensive and difficult to consistently standardize whole food sources for specific micronutrients amounts, and most supplement companies simply won't invest the time or money to deliver their customers a superior product. 

All The Essential Vitamins and Minerals

A major problem with commercial multivitamins is that their formulas are imbalanced, often leaving out or minimizing the good quality nutrients (which are more expensive) while overdosing cheaper sythentic vitamins and minerals. Essential nutrients like Vitamin K, which plays a role in blood coagulation and minerals like Iodine, which impacts metabolism are commonly excluded from multivitamin formulas. Our multivitamin features all of the fat soluble and water soluble vitamins, plus essential minerals. Fat soluble vitamins play roles in supporting cardiovascular function, bone maintenance and immune function while water soluble vitamins act as cofactors to enzymes that are critical for the conversion of macronutrients like proteins, fats and carbohydrates into usable cellular energy. Minerals play important roles in muscle contraction, nerve function, and fluid regulation. 

We understand that a good multivitamin should help you close  gaps in your diet, so we’ve included a well-rounded profile of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to ensure your nutrition is covered. 

100% Daily Recommended Value

Our multivitamin contains ≤100% of your daily recommended value for all 21 vitamins and minerals in our formula. Just as underdosing multivitaminscan be problematic, consuming excessive amounts can pose it’s own set of challenges. Excess intakes of micronutrients can result in upset stomach, nutrient deficeincies, and even toxicity.

A consistent recommendation in scientific literature on athletes and multivitamin supplementation is to use a daily micronutrient supplement that provides that’s ≤100% RDA to round out a whole food diet.[7,8] A multivitamin should supplement a diet, not be the primary source for micronutrients.

Prebiotic Benefits For improved Absorption and Gut Health

Kaged Multivitamin features ActivAloe®, an aloe vera leaf extract with a standardized polysaccharide content. ActivAloe is the only aloe that is GRAS and prop 65 compliant. Aloe Vera has been shown to enhance the absorption of essential vitamins like vitamins B12, C and E. While the mechanisms that aloe achieves this increased bioavailability through isn’t fully understood, researchers suspect that the phytochemicals in aloe slow down the degradation of these vitamins in the intestinal tract while the polysaccharide content of the aloe facilitates their binding.[9] Aloe vera has also shown potential effects for promoting the production of short chain fatty acids and beneficial gut health.[10]

Informed Sport Certified and Micropure Guarantee

 You’d be shocked if you knew how many multivitamin supplements contain less vitamins and minerals than what’s stated on the label. Studies have shown deviations of up to 50% between multivitamins compositions and their label values.[11] Like all our products, Kaged Multivitamin is Informed Sport Certified and comes with a Micropure Quality Guarantee, so you can be confident that your product has undergone stringent third party testing for banned substances, ingredient purity and potency.

If you’re looking for a clean, green multivitamin formula that’s backed by science,Kaged Multivitamin provides male and female athletes with a complete farm to formula solution to bolster a well-balanced diet. 



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