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Kaged Muscle Innovator Program

The Kaged Muscle ambassador program is designed for the gym rat, health nut, and fitness guru that is fed up with the bullsh*t in the fitness industry. Our ambassadors represent a company who values authenticity, transparency, and quality, whose aim is to improve the health of our communities. Your job is to educate, motivate, and inspire your audience to live healthier lives through proper supplementation.

What you do


Represent and promote the Kaged Muscle Lifestyle through social media.


Generate referral sales and earn commission using your personalized discount code and referral link.


Complete activities in the ambassador portal.


Stay engaged on the team Slack, Instagram, and Email for updates and networking.

What You Get

Apparel & gear

Access to exclusive Innovator Only apparel and gear.


Educational courses that help you grow as a fitness influencer.


Earn 10% commission on all referral sales. #sidehustle


Earn free supps to help with your own fitness journey.


Join a fitness community of like-minded Innovators who live the Kaged lifestyle.


In addition to Innovator perks, we also run monthly challenges where you can earn exclusive gear, Kaged Muscle gift cards and other prizes. 

Challenges change on a monthly basis to keep the program exciting for Innovators at all levels. This includes fitness, content and team challenges!

Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

How do points work?

Points are awarded for completing activities. Activities are social posts, social engagement, or reviews, for instance. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem your points for a Kaged Muscle gift card to be redeemed on any product on!

How does commission work?

You will earn a 10% commission on referrals. Commission is processed at the end of every month and sent straight to your PayPal account! #sidehustle.

How many times do I need to post to my socials a month?

A healthy number of social posts on Instagram and/or Tik Tok is 2-3 feed posts and 3-5 story posts per month.

How many referrals should I get a month?

A healthy referral number is 2 per month. However some months you may get more, others you may get less. That’s why we review performance every quarter as opposed to every month.

What is the Social Media training?

Our team at Kaged Muscle has put together a Social Media Growth course to help you develop as an influencer. Tips like posting frequency, content strategies, and growth hacks will help you organically grow your personal brand.

Do I get discounts?

Innovators get a 15% discount for the audience, and a 30% for personal use. The 30% discount is exclusive to the Innovator program and is not offered anywhere else.

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