Who We Are

Kaged Muscle is proud to be a supplement line of deep integrity. We source the purest, most potent raw materials, perform rigorous laboratory and real-world testing, adhere to third-party quality assurance practices, and have an unwavering commitment to quality and safety. This is the foundation upon which Kaged Muscle was built.


At Kaged Muscle, we believe that you should never have to compromise on quality for price. We believe that every supplement you put into your body should be of the purest, most natural and highest quality form. We believe that these products should be deeply rooted in real science. But above all, we believe these products should be safe.


Our mission at Kaged Muscle is simple: to deliver scientifically backed, superior, but affordable, products that contain the highest quality ingredients and utilize the most innovative technologies.


We are dedicated to education and transparency. We are
the first ultra-premium sports nutrition supplement line of its kind, created to help health and fitness enthusiasts of all levels reach their goals, without cutting corners or compromising on quality. An educated consumer will understand Kaged Muscle’s value and get the most out of every scoop, every workout.


Our products are fully transparent and formulated with the purest, patented ingredients backed by extensive scientific validation. We don’t hide behind proprietary blends, inflated studies or borrowed science in an attempt to try to uphold cheap, generic ingredients. Our passionate and dedicated team of world-class scientists continually evaluate the latest human clinical data on important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals and source best-in-quality ingredients for our formulas.


We never compromise on our commitment to quality and safety because your health and well-being are of paramount importance to us.


Patented Ingredients

You want supplements that work as hard as you to help give you the best results possible. Supplements that contain patented ingredients are the superior choice because of the many benefits they provide. First and foremost, they come from reliable, trusted sources. Patented ingredient manufacturers develop dietary supplement components through rigorous research and numerous clinical trials to evaluate and confirm their effectiveness. The research methods used for assessing ingredient validation are of the highest standard to prevent any bias. Secondly, they manufacture and continually examine the ingredients in highly controlled laboratory settings to minimize any risk of cross-contamination and ensure the preservation of quality and efficacy. With such commitment to research and testing, you can trust that supplements formulated with patented ingredients are the safest, most efficacious and highest quality.

Kaged Muscle is proud to partner with the industry’s leading patented ingredient manufacturers.


Natural Methods

At Kaged Muscle we take health even more seriously than we take athletic performance—which is incredibly serious. Whether your goal is building muscle, hitting PRs, or losing fat, a healthy body will always perform at its best. Beyond exercising regularly and eating a nutritious diet, supplementing with high-quality products will bring you one step closer to reaching your goals. To ensure that we’re delivering the healthiest and highest quality products to you, we use the following approaches in the development and processing of our supplements.



When it comes to athletics, you need to fuel your body with purest ingredients to ensure optimal performance. Many products on the market derive amino acids from bird feathers as well as animal fur and human hair. Amino acids are extracted from these animal by-products through harsh chemical processes using acids and solvents. Kaged Muscle relies on a more natural processing method known as fermentation. Fermentation allows us to extract amino acids from plant-based raw materials. The result is products which are easier to digest and more fully utilized by the body and are consumable by athletes who follow a vegan diet.


Many supplement lines commonly rely on artificial flavoring to make their products taste good. Artificial flavors, which are entirely man-made, have the potential to cause allergic or digestive reactions. Chemical flavoring has also been noted to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Kaged Muscle has developed an exclusive flavoring technology, deriving our flavors from natural sources, such as fruit, vegetables, and herbs. We carefully extract flavors from these raw materials, adding them to our products until we've perfected the desired taste. We strive to make our products as healthy as possible and believe natural flavoring methods are the better choice.


Food dyes and coloring are commonly used to give products an appealing color, or one which matches the expected flavor. While these may yield a pleasant looking product, it could come at a cost to your health. In fact, many countries have banned a variety of food dyes due to the negative health findings. Kaged Muscle formulates with only natural coloring materials. These come from whole food sources such as beets, berries, and turmeric—all which provide a host of health properties within them. Our exclusive natural flavor technology ensures all our products look and taste as great as they perform, while still putting your health at the forefront.


We take quality control very seriously. Our manufacturing facilities comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and are manufactured in NSF-certified facilities. Our stringent quality control program thoroughly inspects and tests products at every stage, from raw material to finished product. This ensures that every product leaving our manufacturing facilities meets our strict MICROPURE™ Quality Guarantee.

Third Party Verified

We believe the most reliable indicator of a product’s quality is an unbiased and objective assessment of its purity, strength, and nutritional composition. For this reason, we subject our products to rigorous evaluation by independent third-party laboratories. Since they're not affiliated with our company, you can have greater confidence in the purity, potency and overall quality of our products. While not a requirement of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we consider third-party testing an integral part of our commitment to providing you with safest, most efficacious, and highest quality products. Our products not only meet but often exceed label claim. When you purchase Kaged Muscle products, you can be assured that you’ve chosen not only the highest quality supplements, but you’ve also joined us in our mission to create more honesty and transparency in the sports nutrition industry.


Kaged Muscle is committed to providing athletes of all levels safer sports nutrition products that are every-batch tested for banned substances. Our products are pre-release tested in LGC’s world-class sports anti-doping laboratory and certified by Informed Sport. Athletes who see the Informed Sport logo on a product can be assured it has undergone rigorous testing for more than 225+ substances prohibited by organizations such as WADA, the NCAA, IOC, mixed martial arts, body building, powerlifting or weightlifting federations or by the US Armed Forces.