Eat Clean on a Busy Schedule

Eat Clean on a Busy Schedule

You’re busy. We know it. Whether your time is consumed being an athlete, getting that next promotion, taking care of your family, or pursuing a new opportunity, you're booked up.

While eating clean on a busy schedule is challenging, all it takes is
effective planning and strategizing to streamline the process.

Here are six simple steps to help you stick to your diet, which in turn, will help you achieve the physique you deserve.

1. Make a Shopping List

This may sound obvious, but always plan out exactly what you need from the grocery store, and write it down.

Then, don’t stray from the list. This will ensure that you only have access to the foods you planned on eating.

The majority of your list should include produce, meats, poultry, and eggs.

There’s a saying that you should, “shop the perimeter.” Most of the fruits, vegetables, meats, and other healthy foods you’ll find along the sides. Processed foods and sweets you’ll almost always find in the aisles.

As a bonus tip, don’t go to the grocery store hungry. If your mouth is salivating, you’re much more likely to stray from your list and grab those donuts. Go after you’ve eaten, that way you don’t have cravings.

2. Take Your Time When You Eat

You may not always have a chance to take a long break and enjoy every meal. But taking the time to enjoy your food plays a huge role in food consumption. Studies have shown that distracted eating can prompt you to eat more than necessary. Take a break from your work and eat slowly to control food intake.

We also know that slowing down the speed we eat helps improve digestion. We forget that our mouth and teeth are the first step in the digestion process. The more we chew, the more the digestive enzymes in our mouth can start to do their job on the food. Additionally, the smaller the food is when it gets to the stomach, the easier job our stomach will have.

Third, meal time shouldn’t be stressful. I think you’ll find the quality of your life will improve when you take the time to enjoy your food, and the company you’re eating with.

3. Have Meal Replacement Options

With that said, if you're on a strict eating schedule, you won’t always be able to sit down for all of your meals. We get that. Whether it’s staying late at work or being on the go, you need quick options that still fit in line with your nutrition goals.

This is where a meal replacement can come in.

Clean Meal™ is the health-first meal replacement with whole food ingredients. It contains…

  • Protein from whey protein isolate
  • Carbs from organic quinoa and oat flour
  • Fats from fast-burning medium-chain triglycerides
  • 21 vitamins and minerals from organic fruits and veggies

Keep your Clean Meal container in your office, your kitchen counter, or wherever you know you’ll need a quick, nutritious meal.

4. Keep Healthy Snacks Available

It’s that time of the day where you’re driving from one responsibility to the next. Your stomach grumbles as you are about to pass your favorite fast food joint.

You don’t have to cave in.

Having healthy snacks available can help prevent you from resorting to unhealthy alternatives. Trail mix, apples and peanut butter, hard boil eggs and protein bars are easy grab-and-go snacks that are high in protein.

5. Always Have Ready-To-Eat Meals on Hand

Coming home to an empty fridge after an exhausting day is not only a drag, but can be detrimental to your nutrition.

Storing ready-to-eat meals in the freezer is the perfect hack for days when you don't have time to cook a healthy dinner. Having meals you can quickly heat up and eat on standby helps ensure you're getting the healthy meal your body deserves.

We tell ourselves that we’re always going to meal prep on Sunday, or go shopping on a certain day of the week, but we’re not superhumans. Sooner or later, life will intervene. Having meals on hand is an extra layer of protection for your nutrition plan.

6. Prep the Night Before

Prepare your meals weekly or the night before to save time in the morning. You already have enough going on, so start your day right with one less stress.

Planning meals in advance can also help you stick to your diet. This gives you more time to prepare a nutrition packed meal. The majority of your calories are typically consumed during the work day, so make them count.

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