Five Reasons Why People Love Hydra-Charge

Here's why health-focus individuals are choosing this hydration solution over others...

05/15/2023 | Grace Chen


It has the perfect balance of electrolytes

Hydra-Charge is the ultimate electrolyte hydration mix that's in a league of its own! Say goodbye to mediocre sugar and salt concoctions and hello to a powerful blend of 351 mg of electrolytes, including crucial minerals like magnesium and phosphorus, essential for recovery, brain function, and restful sleep. Hydra-Charge also packs a punch with 500 mg of freeze-dried coconut water powder, providing you with an unbeatable boost of hydration and nutrition.


It Has Antioxidants That Boost Your Immune System*

We know that physical activity can increase oxidative stress, inflammation, and muscle fatigue - but don't worry, Hydra-Charge has got you covered!

Kaged uses a patented Spectra antioxidant blend, made from 29 real fruits and veggies, works hard to combat the damage caused by free radicals. With Hydra-Charge, you can push your limits and achieve your fitness goals while nourishing your body.


Contains less than 1 gram of sugar

With less than one gram of sugar, it satisfies my sweet tooth without the guilt. Each scoop of Hydra-Charge is only 5 calories.

Hydra-Charge is flavored and colored naturally, so I can indulge in a delicious drink without any artificial flavors or colors.


Taurine Enhances my Athletic Performance*

With taurine as a key ingredient Hydra-Charge not only acts as an antioxidant to combat oxidative stress from exercise but also shuttles electrolytes into the cell, optimizing your performance and endurance. Hydra-Charge goes above and beyond by improving your overall workout experience. It has enhanced my endurance, improved performance, and fewer cramps during and after exercise.


Hydra-Charge is Super Versatile

Hydra-Charge is the ultimate solution for my hydration needs! With its incredible versatility, I add it to my water during my workout or even when I'm just lounging at home to help increase my water intake.

What's more, Hydra-Charge is the perfect complement to standalone amino acid powders, making it the ultimate performance booster. And with six delicious and natural flavors to choose from, I never get bored!


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A delicious, naturally flavored electrolyte + antioxidant mixture to help flavor your daily beverages.

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