Transformation Feature: Zhen Adam Ting

KAGED MUSCLE | Transformation Feature: Zhen Adam Ting

Why did you decide to participate in the Project Inferno Fat Loss Trainer? What was that eye-opening moment?

I have always been interested in competing in a bodybuilding competition but never had the opportunity to do so, nor did I even know where to start. When I heard that Kaged Muscle was releasing the Project Inferno Fat Loss trainer, I thought it would be a great learning experience to take part in it, so I signed up.

Why did you choose our Project Inferno Fat Loss Trainer over other programs?

Naturally, I chose his trainer over the rest as it relates directly to what I want to do someday, and I was also curious as to how he trains and prepares for competitions. As someone who is not a pro I have always wondered if what I was doing in my training was right or if the pros were doing something I was not. I think everyone feels the same way at some point. But in the end, it’s all just hard work and discipline!


What Kaged Muscle supplements did you take during this trainer?

I took quite a few. Some of them were PRE-KAGED, Hydra-Charge, Micropure Whey Protein Isolate, and Clean Burn.

What Kaged Muscle supplement is your favorite and why?

It is definitely difficult to say which one is my favorite as I needed a lot of them to get me through the trainer. However, if I had to pick one, I would say Hydra-Charge was the one I relied on the most for Project Inferno. Being a cardio-heavy program, we tend to sweat a lot, and supplementing with electrolytes becomes really important. Not a lot of supplement companies have products with electrolytes in them which is why I am thankful Kaged Muscle chose to make one. I personally tend to cramp a lot in my quadriceps after leg day, and without Hydra-Charge I would not have been able to cope with all the cardio.

Can you provide us with a 1-day sample of the diet you personally followed?

Meal 1

Egg whites (6 oz)                          

Cream of brown rice (15 g)       

Natural peanut butter (5 g)


Meal 2

Chicken breast (100 g)               

Cream of brown rice (15 g)      

Natural peanut butter (5 g)


Meal 3

Cod (100 g)                                   

White rice (50 g)                           

Spinach (75 g)                                


Meal 4

Chicken breast (100 g)                  

White rice (50 g)

Spinach (75 g)                               


Meal 5

Egg whites (6 oz)                           

Spinach (75 g)                                

Natural peanut butter (15 g)       


Meal 6

Micropure Whey Protein Isolate (1.5 scoops)           

Natural peanut butter (5 g)


In your opinion, what is the best piece of advice provided during the Project Inferno program? 

He sent me a message during Project Inferno saying “Your body is capable of much more than you know” as a reply to one of my questions, which really helped me get through the program. We often hear the saying “Listen to your body” but that does not always ring true for bodybuilding. A lot of times bodybuilding is about not listening to your body. For example, when we have to prepare for a competition or do a fat loss trainer, we are following a heavy calorie deficit diet. In this case, our mind and bodies are always telling us to eat something and break our diets; most of the time it craves calorie-rich food. And we think if we don’t listen to it we will starve to death but that is simply not the case. Looking at the amount of cardio and weight training sessions in Project Inferno versus the small amount of food in the diet, I really did not think my body could handle it, but I did! I got through all of it!

What aspects of this trainer challenged you most?

The most challenging aspect of the trainer has got to be the diet. There are no cheat meals allowed for 8 weeks straight and the calories drop every week.

What is your advice for others wanting to start this program?

Prepare all your meals in advance and make sure to bring them with you to work or school! With all the cardio and heavy training combined with the frequency of having 6 meals a day, Project Inferno will set your metabolism on fire. If you are running late from work and you don’t have your meal with you or ready, you are going to give in to your cravings and cheat and it will set you back.

What are the top three songs that fired you up the most during the trainer?

“Simple and Clean” (Planitb Remix) by Utada Hikaru

“In the Air Tonight” (Phil Collins cover) by Chris Daughtry

“Alive” (Cahill Remix) by Sia


What strategies helped you overcome roadblocks in regard to family, social gatherings, diet, workouts, and career during this trainer?

I always tried to plan my day the day before to fit in all my workouts and meals. Planning is definitely the key to succeeding in these types of programs. Let your family and friends know that you are competing and have to stick to a strict diet. Eat before going out with your friends so you don’t cheat when they grab a bite, and order tonic water or some kind of diet soda to fill you up while they stuff their faces. Do not overload your day. Understand that your body is going to require rest and be realistic about how much you can do. You are on a heavy caloric deficit with heavy training, and you only have so much energy to spend in a day.

Have you done any other Kaged Muscle Trainers, either Kris Gethin’s or other athletes’? If so, which ones?

I have not tried any except for Project Inferno so far.

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