Transformation Feature: Tanya Phillips

Kaged Muscle | Transformation Feature: Tanya Phillips

Why did you decide to participate in the Project Inferno Fat Loss Trainer? What was that eye-opening moment?

My reason for entering the Project Inferno program was that I did well in a previous trainer program which was an eye opener for me as I never imagined I would get anywhere. I did hesitate about taking part as the amount of cardio worried me, but the look of it excited me also.


Why did you choose our Project Inferno Fat Loss Trainer over other programs?

It looked so challenging but promising and exciting at the same time. I wanted to see how my body would cope with such high volume training and cardio.



What Kaged Muscle supplements did you take during this trainer?

I took PRE-KAGED, RE-KAGED, Hydra-Charge, Amino Synergy, Citrulline, and Micropure Whey Protein Isolate.

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What Kaged Muscle supplement is your favorite and why? 

I absolutely love RE-KAGED Orange Kream. I made desserts with it and added it to homemade protein bars. I just love it, it’s lush.

Can you provide us with a 1-day sample of the diet you personally followed?

After my morning cardio, I would start the day with scrambled egg whites, 1 yolk, and asparagus.

Midmorning I would take a homemade protein pancake to work filled with FAGE yogurt and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Lunch was chicken with green leafy veg, avocado, and a few walnuts. After training, I would have RE-KAGED with cream of rice in my shaker bottle. My evening meal was usually chicken, veg, and rice. I would also have a scoop of Kasein before bed.


In your opinion, what is the best piece of advice provided during the Project Inferno program? 

He gave lots of good advice, but my favorite is, “you may feel depleted but get to the gym and get it done.” It makes you feel on top of the world.

What aspects of this trainer challenged you most?

The cardio, definitely. As the calories went down I got tired and didn’t want to get up to do cardio, but I wouldn’t let myself quit.


What is your advice for others wanting to start this program? 

Be prepared to get really tired but just keep going. The calorie drop when getting near the end of the program feels brutal also, but it’s not forever. Keep telling yourself that.

What are the top three songs that fired you up the most during the trainer?

Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People,” Muse, and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”


What strategies helped you overcome roadblocks in regard to family, social gatherings, diet, workouts, and career during this trainer? 

I would set my alarm to do cardio really early, rest for a bit, then go to work. I fit in the weight training after work. I didn’t do gatherings at restaurants as I knew I would fail, so I’d invite family over. That way I would have my food planned.


Have you done any other Kaged Muscle Trainers, either Kris Gethin’s or other athletes’? If so, which ones? 

Yes, I did Kris Gethin’s 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer and loved it. I would watch his videos for that week at the start of the week and write down any tips he suggested on my workout sheets.

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