Meet the Team: Genesis Quezada

Meet the Team: Genesis Quezada

Meet Genesis

What's Your Story?

I got into working out as a casual stress reliever. As I kept doing it, I slowly realized I was strong and good at lifting weights. A trainer at a gym I was at, who was a powerlifter, got me into powerlifting. I enjoyed it very much, competed from 2016 to 2019, and got first in all four meets I took part in. Shortly before going to Nationals in Chicago, I hurt my lower back. This was the breaking point for me because of the amount of pain it caused me. After having to take a month off, I started going back to the gym and following my powerlifting program. I began to body build a couple of months into 2020 and loved it. I was finally back into training with excitement. In May of 2020, I got a bodybuilding 'Wellness' coach and since then have been building! I'm hoping to compete in my first NPC Competition in April 2021. I will be doing Wellness and am very excited about it!
Also, this whole lifestyle change got me into studying Kinesiology. I am now a CPT and I will be graduating with my Bachelors in Exercise Science In May 2021! 

What's Been Your Biggest Roadblock in Your Fitness Journey? How Did You Overcome It?

COVID 19. I contracted COVID super early on and it was very difficult for me. I was dealing with a lot of personal things that also had made me lose much weight. I was depressed and my immune system was shot, which is probably why I got COVID. After recovering, I had no motivation and made every excuse in the book for myself. Finally, during the last weeks of April, I knew I needed accountability and was researching coaches. I started with my bodybuilding coach May 2020 and then created my own at-home gym. Hiring my coach was definitely the best decision I've made regarding the gym and my future! Once everything opened back up, I used it as fuel to push myself even harder with all the equipment needed. 

If You Could Only Use One Kaged Muscle Product, What Would It Be?

Outlive 100 in Berry flavor. This is my go-to. I've tasted many super green products before but I never enjoyed any of them. To me, this one tastes like a dessert and I love it so much! I drink it daily and love all the health benefits that comes with it!

When's Your Birthday?

November 19 (Scorpio!)

What's Your Dream Product Flavor?

Nutella Oreo Whey Protein Isolate sounds amazing... maybe that's just prep talking!

If You Were a Super Hero, What Would Your Super Power Be?

I would love to teleport and be invisible!

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