Meet the Team: Elle VanShaik

Meet the Team: Elle VanShaik

Meet Elle!

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What's Your Story?

I am originally from Dayton, Ohio, and moved to Los Angeles in 2017. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with specializations in Women’s Fitness and Corrective Exercise. I got into fitness and health by being an athlete my entire life. I played many different sports from volleyball, basketball, soccer, track, dance, and gymnastics. I ended up going on to play basketball at Ohio University, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business and Psychology. I also have a post-graduate degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. In my spare time, I love to try and learn new things, travel, dance, play sports or anything active, be outdoors, read, play games and watch movies. 

Why Kaged Muscle?

I had multiple sports supplement brands reach out to me in the past but I always turned them down because they didn’t seem like the right fit.I’ve been taking sports supplements for 10 plus years now and Kaged Muscle is by far my favorite! I love that Kaged Muscle is all about high-quality products and ingredients at a reasonable price. I love that the Kaged products are focused on health and becoming the best athlete you can in the most natural way. 

And on top of that, the Kaged Muscle products actually taste great! 

What's Been Your Biggest Roadblock in Your Fitness Journey?

Growing up I was always on the skinny side. I would eat and eat and still had the hardest time gaining any weight. I was also always very athletic but not the strongest. Even though I was on the skinny side I was determined to get a full-ride scholarship to play basketball in college. But the problem was most full-ride scholarships came from D1 schools, that don’t normally go for the super skinny players. My coaches told me there was no way I would go D1 they told me I was more likely to go D2. 

How Did You Overcome It?

In my Junior year of high school, I started lifting on my own every day after practice. I started taking supplements like protein powder and BCAA’s.  By the end of the year I had gained 15 lbs, was significantly stronger and I ended up getting scholarship offers from multiple D1 schools. 

If You Could Only Use One Kaged Muscle Product, What Would It Be?

Ugh, that's so hard because I love so many of them! But probably Outlive 100 because I love how many healthy ingredients are packed into one product and it still tastes great!

When's Your Birthday?

July 30th. I’m a Leo! 🦁 

What's Your Dream Product Flavor?

Something with peanut butter like a peanut butter cup flavor. 

If You Were a SuperHero, What Would Your Superpower Be?

If I was a superhero my power would be to be able to control time.

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