Meet the Team: Dalton Roe

Meet the Team: Dalton Roe

Meet Dalton

What's Your Story?

I grew up in Virginia and went to Virginia tech for mechanical engineering. My sophomore year I tried out for the Virginia Tech football team and made the team. Great experience I got to play for Frank Beamer and Justin Fuente. I graduated Spring 2017 and moved to cocoa beach Florida to work at the Kennedy space center as a mechanical engineer. 

What's Been Your Biggest Roadblock in Your Fitness Journey? How Did You Overcome It?

My biggest roadblock was knee surgery on both my knees to help fix my patellar tendons at the end of my junior year of high school. I rested them and rehabbed for 4 months and got to play my senior year of football. 

If You Could Only Use One Kaged Muscle Product, What Would It Be?

Berry Blast PRE-KAGED 

When's Your Birthday?

March 15

What's Your Dream Product Flavor?

Berry Blast! Haha.... it's incredible. 

If You Were a Super Hero, What Would Your Super Power Be?

I love Superman, so I’m going to go with super strength.


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