Meet the Team: Ben Petersen

Meet the Team: Ben Petersen

Meet Ben!

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What's Your Story?

My name is Ben Petersen. Currently, I am a doctor of physical therapy student and online fitness coach. Started my fitness journey with the goal or playing college baseball and eventually reached that goal and shortly had a career ending rotator cuff injury which drove my passion for health, fitness and physical therapy!

Why Kaged Muscle?

Because of the integrity of the brand, quality products and great taste!

What's Been Your Biggest Roadblock in Your Fitness Journey?

Self doubt

How Did You Overcome It?

Realizing that if other people can do it so can I. That I’m not lesser than anyone else and with the right about of grit determination and perseverance I can do anything I put my mind to.

If You Could Only Use One Kaged Muscle Product, What Would It Be?

Pink Lemonade PRE-KAGED

When's Your Birthday?

Dec 4th

What's Your Dream Product Flavor?

Dream product flavor? 🤔 Birthday Cake!

If You Were a SuperHero, What Would Your Superpower Be?

Telekinesis is the most OP super power of all time.

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